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Cyber Attacks on South Korea | China by proxy via N. Korea attacks S. Korea

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The cyber attacks – China by proxy via N. Korea attacks S. Korea

In April 2011, a computer virus attacked 10 servers of South Korea’s agricultural cooperative known as Nonghyup, affecting 30 million users.  They could not use ATMs and online services.  On July 4, 2009 another malicious software virus attacked South Korea government websites through a “denial of service” scheme.  Furthermore, the attack affected several U.S. government websites.

South Korean authorities believe North Korea is responsible for these cyber attacks.  But they do not have evidence to support their claim so far.

Experts call these cyber attacks asymmetric threats where weaker countries “inflict damage on a richer, more developed rival.”  The asymmetric attacks are becoming effective mechanism of creating terror and launching cyber attacks which are generally designed to cripple critical infrastructure such as power grid, financial, and security networks in a cyber warfare by the weaker states that cannot match their economic and military capabilities with the powerful and richer countries.  Globalization, technology, and reduced cost of hardware and software have made it even easier to launch cyber attacks.

via Cyber Attacks on South Korea | Foreign Policy Journal.


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September 22, 2011 at 2:42 pm

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