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U.S.-China Officials Try to Defuse Chen Case – Businessweek

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U.S. and Chinese officials are racing to resolve the case of a fugitive human rights activist, and ensure it doesn’t derail annual talks between top policy makers later this week.

Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell arrived in Beijing yesterday, earlier than planned, to prepare for the gathering, two U.S. officials said yesterday on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner are still scheduled to meet counterparts in Beijing May 3-4 amid reports the U.S. is protecting blind activist Chen Guangcheng, according to the officials, who declined further comment.

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April 30, 2012 at 11:41 am

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Rise of the Hacktivist [Infographic]

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Rise of the Hacktivist [Infographic].

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February 29, 2012 at 2:12 pm

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Kuwait: Anonymous hacktivists deface ISP FastTelco – National Anonymous |

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Once again the international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous is taking a stand for Internet freedom. Friday, Anonymous claimed responsibility for the defacement of the Fast Telecommunications company website (FastTelco), a major ISP (internet service provider) in Kuwait.



The Anonymous hacktivists identify themselves as AnonKuwait, and claim to be fighting corporate greed and fraud as well as government corruption and censorship. On their website AnonKuwait claims FastTelco, in collusion with the government “Ministry of Communications and Transport Minister,” have broken agreements and been dishonest about pricing, caps on internet speed, and a draconian government download policy.

via Kuwait: Anonymous hacktivists deface ISP FastTelco – National Anonymous |

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August 14, 2011 at 2:39 pm

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BART block Cell Phone |BART Stifled Free Speech just Like Middle East Dictator.

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BART Transit System (Illegally) Kills Cell Phone Service to Stop Protests

Cutting off communication is what repressive regmes do. We hear about it in the Middle East but never though it would happen here in America. Middle east dictators like Gaddafi in Libya tried to shut the voice of the people down and here in the land of the free our police state just does what it wants and denies freedom to it’s own people and then complain it’s justifiable.

In S.F one of the most open cities in the world the government disallow basic free speech to its citizens before they even commit a crime. In other worlds your are GUILTY until proven innocent, that’s a sad day for America and all people that believe in freedom and the American dream.

BART said that organizers were planning to disrupt BART services on Aug 11,2011 so they took it upon themselves to shut off cell phone repeaters in 4 stations.  BART police ordered it switched off, after receiving permission from BART interim General Manager Sherwood Wakeman.

How is the internet different from a newspaper or the pamphlets of the Revolutionary War era ? How are cellphones differrent from a printing presses? I hope this never happens again in America if it does people will revolt and may even join them. I do not like what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it. This is America and cyberspace belongs to the people not the government.

When Egypt gathered at Tahrir Sq. the world cheered them on. When the Egyptian govt cut off internet access, much of the world condemned the repression. When the Mubarak government did that to Egypt’s Internet service last winter, it was met with outrage and underscored that the regime’s days were numbered. When the San Francisco rapid transit system killed its underground cellphone service Thursday night, it also prompted a wave of anger.


(UPDATE: Only Federal agencies can block cell phone use and with that, only under specific circumstances. BART is not a Federal agency.)

According to a citation issued January 26, 2011, by the Federal Communications Commission against Comtrex Communications for illegal cell phone jamming, Section 333 of the Communications Act of 1934 states, “[n]o person shall willfully or maliciously interfere with or cause interference to any radio communications of any station licensed or authorized by or under this Act or operated by the United States Government.” and Section 302(b) of the Communications Act provides that “[n]o person shall manufacture, import, sell, offer for sale, or ship devices or home electronic equipment and systems, or use devices, which fail to comply with regulations promulgated pursuant to this section.”


There’s no evidence provided by any BART representative that such legal issues were considered before initiating the cell phone blocking action – BART seems to have just plain went ahead and done it.


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August 14, 2011 at 1:11 pm

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W5: Investigating Canada’s big cyber security problem – CTV News

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“We have major cyber security problems in this country,” says Ron Deibert, director of The Citizen Lab, at the University of Toronto. “The problem is nobody wants you to know about it.”

Corporations and governments go to great lengths to avoid publicly revealing cyber breaches for risk of appearing vulnerable.

via W5: Investigating Canada’s big cyber security problem – CTV News.

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July 26, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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Citizen Militia now we live in CyberSpace

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Citizen Militia now we live in CyberSpace

Posted on July 23, 2011   – 2011 The Year Hacktivist Was Born

The Hacktivist are coming run for your life. These hackers are going to turn off the power grid and throw us into chaos. Are you scared the evil hackers are going to shut off Facebook and how can you live without Facebook, I gota Tweet that now- wait a sec.

They are scaring you so you will give them more power and money for new projects (their friends). If your scared you give up things like money and/or a goat maybe a cow so you can feel protected in cyberspace. It’s simple take charge of you Internet security and don’t click on that email that told you “WINNER 100MILLION $$$” if you click your computer just became a “zombie computer”.  When the FBI comes crashing into your house @ 3am, remember that “100 MILLION $$$” click. You just DDoS the White House for the last 2 days. Was that why my computer was running so slow, um.

With budget tight the Feds indicted Aron Swartz  who “stole” non-profit public domain documents. You got to be kidding. When families are becoming homeless your spending how many millions of dollars to have a SHOW TRAIL.

That smirk on Aaron’s face say’s it all.  He outsmarted the US Government into spending millions to promote him and his causes., Jottit, Open Library and He knows he will win, this is not a hack on Lockheed Martin to get national security projects his case is about non-profits public domain document which are free.

Come on people were the grown ups. These young people use cyberspace and its technology with an easy we cannot. They were born to it and the smart ones will use it intelligently. He may be a hacktivist but a criminal, he is making a point and getting his message out. He has a cause and a right to be free to spread it even if I don’t like it. But the sad reality is we are spending money on security issues that are not there. Let’s sit down and work with hacktivist they could be a needed ally in the coming cyber warfare.  China, Russia, India are all hacking us for intelligence on technology secrets and financial and other data. Let’s work with hacktivist to keep

cyerspace free and clear. Let’s face the facts we may need a few million or more DDoS’ing other countries that attack the US. We have had Citizen Militia now we live in cyberspace.

via US Cyber Labs – Blog.

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